Bubble WiFi gives you the most comprehensive marketing tool that generates a huge ROI. Your customers on the other hand get FREE WiFi. Contact us today to arrange a meeting, and see what you're missing out on!


Introducing the World's smallest router. When size and footprint is an issue. Available today from Bubble WiFi.


With the wealth of data being collected about your users you are able to reward them by creating coupons or vouchers based on demographics.

Give Your Customers Free Social WiFi… They Expect It!

Connect – Social WiFi

Access to Bubble’s Social WiFi is via social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Users are asked to like or follow your page to gain access and have the option to post a message of your choosing to their timeline. This provides a wealth of social exposure and continuous marketing to your customers and their connections.

Share – Social WiFi

When your customers ‘Like’, ‘Follow’, or ‘Tweet’ your business, they are inviting you into their community of like-minded friends, family members, and associates. You can engage with them in real time by using the Bubble portal, sending messages, creating voucher offers, and much more. Bubble’s Social WiFi – Leading the way!

Safety – Social WiFi

Our current system provides Family Friendly WiFi. In addition, we also deliver a fully customisable filtering service so that you can chose to turn on or off many different topics such as gambling or pornography etc. Bubble WiFi – making sure you are using a Social WiFi System that is legally compliant and all above board.

Give your customers FREE SOCIAL WiFi, they expect it

With Bubble Wifi your customers get free Social Wifi (they expect it!) and in return your business gets a priceless marketing tool allowing you to communicate directly with them, and their Social Media friends, driving customer loyalty, and increasing footfall.

Single sign-on to Social WiFi with Social Media

With our social wifi your customers access your hotspot by signing in via their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. Each time they login they can post your message onto their timeline – advertising to their Friends that they are getting free wifi at your establishment or venue.